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Nuestro centro está desarrollando un Proyecto Europeo, dentro del programa de asociaciones estratégicas entre centros educativos europeos para el intercambio de buenas prácticas y el progreso en la internacionalización educativa, financiado por la Unión Europea a través del programa Erasmus Plus. El proyecto se denomina: LAB4S.P.A.C.E. (special people activating creative energy).



The coordinating responsables of the previous centers are respectively:

  • Matteo Tosca. Coordinator of Italy and project coordinator.
  • Alenka Belcl. Coordinator of Slovenia.
  • Aleksejs Mackevics. Coordinator of Latvia.
  • Isabel Guerle Lara. Coordinator of Spain.


The main purpose of this international association is to investigate, examine and enrich the way in which educational centers belonging to different European contexts work on inclusion, especially related to students with learning problems or special needs. The integration is one of the keys of the future of Europe, reason why it must be worked from the same base of the society, that is to say, the school. According to Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, everyone has the right to education, and this must be directed to the global development of individuals, respect for fundamental rights and freedoms. This will provide understanding, tolerance and cordiality between different nations, races or religions. In the participatingcenters, we have observed in recent years an increase in students that require special attention. We all agree that these should not be treated exclusively by specialized teachers, but that they should be provided with a climate of inclusion and equal relationship with the other students. We also believe that this practice involves valuing the different abilities of the students, regardless of the place of departure. With all the above we want to focus on:

  • Detecting students with special learning needs, whether or not they are diagnosed.
  • Provide teachers with the necessary tools to work with these students.
  • Integrate the use of new technologies for the work of activities focused on inclusion.
  • Involve the students in experiences and situations of acceptance, tolerance and equal opportunities.

The project lasts 28 months, from September 1, 2016 to December 31, 2018.


  • Exchange practices carried out in schools belonging to different European contexts.
  • Provide teachers with training opportunities and development of such practices with the help of experts.
  • Improve peer interaction activities focused on inclusion.
  • Implement linguistic competence in a foreign language through real communication situations.
  • Value and respect the linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe.
  • Value your own historical and cultural heritage.
  • Increase the use of new technologies in the centers.


  1. 1. Local activities

Many of the activities will be carried out in the same school and / or locality. For example, the students of our center will carry out activities for the knowledge of the rest of the countries (study of their geography, culture, gastronomy, relevant characters, etc. adapted to the different educational levels), they will also participate in an Etwinning project, online to share experiences related to the theme of the project, collaborate on the group's blog, participate in the choice of a logo for the project, make excursions to visit centers specializing in integration and inclusion ... and many other actions that will go away reporting promptly.

  1. 2. International activities

The project includes visits to the countries of the associated centers. These visits or mobilities are of two types:

Mobility of accompanied students and teachers.

 -First mobility: Seville, from March 13 to 17, 2017. During this week we will be the host center and we will receive a group of approximately two teachers and six students from each country, so there will be a total of about 6 teachers and 18 students.

We will organize activities of different nature to do both inside and outside the center. For each activity there will be three 6th graders who will be responsible for accompanying the group by acting as "ambassadors" of our city. The rest of the students, both sixth and other courses will also participate in the activities scheduled according to the nature and purpose of these. (Later this week's full program will be provided)

-Second mobility: Italy, October 2017. Six 6th graders of the next school year 2017/18 will participate, accompanied by two teachers from the center.

-Third mobility: Latvia, during the third quarter of the next school year 2017/18. Students who are at the 5th level will participate at that moment.

- Fourth mobility: Slovenia, first quarter of the 2018/2019 academic year. The students who will attend are still to be determined.

Teacher Mobility

In addition to the previous visits, which have the participation and assistance of students, the project includes four meetings in different countries in which teachers participate exclusively, to perform tasks of programming, organization, design and coordination of activities aimed at achieving the planned objectives:

-Italy, October 2016

-Slovenia, December 2016

-Latvia, second quarter of the 2017/18 academic year

- Slovenia, first term of the 2018/19 academic year

-Spain, first quarter of the 2018/19 academic year


The associated countries have agreed upon the following criteria for the selection of students for nobilities abroad:

  • Behavior and general attitude in different social situations.
  • Autonomy and responsibility in their daily tasks: hygiene, food, sleep ...
  • Attitude towards work and study.
  • Level of knowledge of English.
  • Academic results.

To manage the project, organize and coordinate the different actions that we are going to carry out, in our center we have created a responsible commissioncomposed of the following members:

Isabel Guerle (coordinator of the projectand bilingual coordinator of the center), Álvaro Rodrigo (Headteacher of the center), M. Jesús Falla (Head of studies of the center), Inmaculada Yáñez (teacher).


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